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Environmental solutions that don’t cost the earth

Cosmic Pest Control and Horticultural Service is based in the Perth Metropolitan area and is owned and operated by Christopher Tucker who has been working in the Perth pest control industry for over 25 years.

Over that time there have been many changes to chemicals used in the industry from Organochlorines to Organophosphates and to some of the best and safest chemicals ever used in the pest control industry.

As the owner, I take full responsibility for all the chemicals we use and ensure they are licensed for that use as well as always being the safest available option on the market.


OUR GUARANTEE – These make us different and unique:

  • Safe to you and the environment.
  • Service in the most cost effective form to you – that’s our guarantee!
  • The best, cheapest, safest, and most effective pest control methods money can buy.
  • Our warranties are often twice the length of other company’s warranties or more.
  • We promise to be on site within 24 hours if not that same day or your next equivalent service is free.
  • Six months Spider treatment warranty.
  • Six months Cockroach treatment warranty.
  • Three months Wasp treatment warranty.
  • Twelve months Fleas treatment warranty.
  • Twelve months Rodent treatment warranty (Domestic situations).

One of our most popular services by far is our termite inspection service for which we have over 25 years in management and operations experience in the Perth Pest Control industry.

All our termite inspections are carried out to Australian Standard 3660 and Australian Standard 4349.3. And even our timber pest inspections have a twelve month warranty not available anywhere else.

Chris Tucker is also a Qualified Horticulturalist expert in all types of weed control, plant identification, plant pathology and Horticultural Pest Control. So, you can also get a garden consultation with recommendations as required.

Fully licensed by the Western Australian Department of Health – pHD 933 and pHD 2477 So for ultimate peace of mind and total satisfaction call Cosmic Pest Control.


Cosmic Pest Control is technically sound and knowledgeable enough to manage the complex scenarios cropping up from pest infestation. The list of services include the following:

1. Rodent Removal
2. Termite Inspection
3. White Ant Inspection
4. Spider Treatment
5. Bee and wasp Control
6. Termite Baiting
7. Flea Control
8. Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection

For details you can contact our office at 08 9439 2999 or call Chris directly at his mobile number 04 8777 7050 for effective solutions or drop in your concern at chris@cosmicpestcontrol.com.au. We accept payments through cash, bank transfers, EFTPOS, Discover, Visa/MasterCard and Paypal. Book your service now.

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