Common Possible Reasons Why Termites Invade Your House

Do you think termites are invading your home, and you have no idea why? Perhaps you’ve already tried to eliminate them, but their invasion is still occurring. We know how much of a hassle it is for you to deal with termites inside your home. So, if you want to know why these annoying insects always choose to disrupt your home, here are some of the possible reasons:

1. Moisture Is Present in Your Home

The number one possible reason there are termites in your home is that there is a presence of moisture. Termites love high-moisture places. They need a moist environment to survive and thrive because it prevents their body from drying out. If your home has a leaky pipe, improper drainage and poor airflow, it automatically has moisture that can attract termites. 

Some types of termites, like subterranean termites, cannot live unless surrounded by enough moisture. So, if you don’t want to attract termites inside your home, make sure to address the things that can create moisture. 

2. Your Home Has Come Into Contact with Wood and Wooden Structures

Woods and wooden structures can be a bridge for termites to enter your home. Even if your home doesn’t have any wood and the pest control specialist has already treated the soil around your home, termites can still invade your home through the wood and wooden structures that your home has come in contact with. 

For example, you’ve brought a stack of firewood inside your home for your fireplace; you might not just be carrying wood while on the way home; you might also be carrying termites from the wood. 

Remember that your roof can also be the point of entry of termites. They can come from the tree resting on your roof. So, make sure to trim any tree limbs touching your home to prevent termites from invading.

3. There Are Cracks in Your Home’s Exterior

The cracks in your home’s exterior also serve as a welcome for termites. As you know, they are tiny pests, making it possible for them to make their way into your home through the cracks or any opening. 

Ensure to check your home’s exterior from time to time, such as the entry doors, windows, shingles, fascia boards or eaves. Seal and repair any openings, loose or defective seals and damages that termites may use to enter your home. 

4. Your Home Is Made of Timber

Termites are attracted to wood. Aside from food, woods are also a shelter and breeding ground for them. So, if your home is made of timber, there is a higher chance that termites will enter inside. Unfortunately, roughly 85% of detached houses in Australia are built using a timber frame structure. So, there’s a higher chance that your home is also made of one. Even if it’s not, your home may still have timber components like decorative timbers, doors or window frames that can attract termites. 


Like any other pests, termites are annoying, destructive and invasive. They are even active 24/7, looking for things they can damage and destroy. Your home’s value will significantly decrease if termites are living inside with you. So, once you’ve noticed that termites are invading your home, call for a pest control specialist right away. 

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