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Rats and mice aren’t just disgusting – they’re downright dangerous!

Rats and mice cause millions of dollars in damage annually. They are the reason for millions of dollars spent in property damage every year from damage to electrical wiring and causing fires to consumption and contamination of food product and services intended for human consumption.

Where left unchecked, they have caused devastating plagues previously recorded in Australian and World history.

Not to mention, rats wake you up at night and can be found in nearly every roof space or sub-floor of every building, shed and sewer and more in Perth metro area and also in the whole country.

So if you don’t bait for rodents, you will have trouble from time to time no matter how perfectly your home or office is kept.


Warning – Rodent bait can cause serious harm to humans and our wonderful Australian environment

Not to mention our beloved pets and children, including rare and endangered marsupials and birds of prey. So if you’ve never done it before, it’s not always as simple as you think.

Our environment is way too precious. Let’s see some of our endangered marsupials come back.


Local knowledge and experience is essential when carrying out rodent baiting:

  • Prevent damage to our environment. (Use the appropriate rodent bait the safest way)
  • Protect our precious bird life.
  • Prevent them dying up there and stinking out your work place or home.
  • We can show you how they are getting in.
  • Where they’re breeding and feeding.
  • Getting rid of them faster, for longer and without incident.
  • We guarantee you will always wake up to the sound of birds in the morning if that’s what you like, not rats and mice in the middle of the night.

We have introduced results based rodent management methods which are inclusive of highly integrated technologies.

Why choosing rodent removal from Cosmic Pest Control is a necessity:

Rodent control is fundamental especially if your house is infested with mice and rats. Since these creatures don’t surface and are difficult to trap, the experienced individuals from our team usually seeks the most scientific and result based approach to ensure that the rat or mice gang is completely eliminated. To ensure this our individuals promise the following:

    • Eco-friendly solutions to assure there are no health or environmental hazards following the pest control process.
    • Non-toxic effective methods for detecting or eliminating rodents.
    • Baiting along with trapping are also commonly implemented for results.

The trained experts form a team to inspect the property and its premises with objectives to detect rats and mice. Some in-house measures are executed to ensure 100% results in bringing down the gang.

Also, regular monitoring and check-ups are among the offerings we promise. Get in touch with us if you want your home freed from sly and destructive rodents.

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