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Redback spider

My name is Christopher Tucker and I am providing this information on treatment for venomous spiders in Perth hoping to assist the Perth property owners, and also to preserve our current Bee population in Western Australia, which also remains poised waiting for the first Varroa mite outbreak.

If we lose bees for even one season, our entire Horticultural and Agricultural industries could be flattened, not to mention the effect on our food chain.


Feral bees must be protected where ever we can, at all costs.

In recent years, certain chemicals cataclysmic to our Bee population have been licensed for use on ants and general pests, and now by opportunity also could affect our bees and if we’re not careful, these chemicals could soon become available to the general public.

Believe me – Never trust a Government to do the right thing.

If we care for our environment we must leave such chemical applications to extremely experienced people. Don’t employ a midnight cowboy, the attitude, or the person to save a buck.

Current fines for miss applications have gone as high as $50,000 to the individual committing the offence and not to the company or school they are working for. Plus you could wipe out every Bee in your neighbourhood. No shit, forget about bush fires.

Sorry to crap on about Bees when you want to know about spider control but you have to see how they are linked. And why you shouldn’t do it yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So now let’s look at the spiders themselves.

There are hundreds of species of spiders found in Australia and most are very beneficial to the environment. They say spiders eat more insects by weight annually than the weight of the human population in that area. So we need most of them. However three main species are a threat to our families, pets and places of work throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

Every home, shed or outback dunny could be affected. You never see them in the dark but Boy, you’ll feel them bite.


1. The Redback Spider (Latrodectus Hasselti)

downloadThis species is also related to the American Black Widow and the Katipo Spider from New Zealand.
Only the female is dangerous but timid biting only when cornered or sat on. Her abdomen is about the size of a pea.

The bites are immediately painful but the neurotoxins work very slowly. Without the anti-venom, you develop nausea, vomiting, fever, local and abdominal pain, and in severe cases, paralysis.

So if you’re bitten, you need to get the anti-venom fast.


2. White tailed Spider (Lampona Cylindrata)

white-tailed-spider-24T5855-10Very common in Australia and New Zealand, these are terrestrial spiders which mean they don’t build webs like other spiders. They are scavengers and predators of all other insects and scorpions.

Excellent hunters and often found inside homes and offices especially near public open space and bush areas. They are about the size of an Australian ten cent piece and can have up to five spots on their abdomen and always one on the very tip.

Their bites cause initial burning and intense pain, then itchiness and swelling of the site. Occasionally huge welts, ulcerations, and necrosis have been attributed to this spider’s bite but this seems to be due to a secondary bacterial or viral infection. Plus redheads seem to be more susceptible.

So if you’re bitten, get the anti venom and be extremely careful about the cleanliness and hygiene at the bite site for the next three months.


3. Black House Spider (Badumna Insignis)

Don’t underestimate this spider! Although bites are rare, they have also been attributed to cases of necrotic skin lesions, immense pain and swelling if bitten multiple times.

These spiders are web builders and often nest around windows and doors. Their webs always have a distinct funnel in them with two entrances, leading some people to think they are a funnel web. (Only found in New South Wales)



4. Scorpions

download (4)Found right across Australia, the about 20 known species are not known to have ever caused a fatality. So if you go the hospital or doctor, the anti-histamine will hurt more than the scorpion bite.

Although they hurt like a Bee sting, they are not usually as serious. In Western Australia most of the venomous spiders are the size of a ten cent piece.

Always try to identify what’s bitten you. Don’t panic – treat the affected area with ice to help with the pain. Immobilize the limb and get help fast in all cases of suspected spider bites.

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